Cardiac Troponin I test for COVID-19 test

"The structured use of serial cardiac troponin testing has the potential to facilitate risk stratification, help make decisions about when to use imaging, and inform stage categorization and disease phenotyping among hospitalized COVID-19 patients.”

ACC News Story, Jul 08, 2020

Thus ,Troponin I test should be considered an ally and a crucial diagnostic and prognostic aid in healthcare provision worldwide.

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High Sensitive Cardiac Troponin I test on Maglumi


Broad linearity range- 1- 2000pg/ml

Fast results: Results within 20 minutes

No extra cost for calibrators and controls- 2 level of calibrators and 1 control included in the kit

Highly stable – Calibration stability of 2 weeks

Reagent integral with RFID tag containing all information of the reagent

Maglumi offers high throughput of 180 tests/hour for testing high sample workload

Increased sample and reagent stability with onboard cooling on the system

High sensitive cardiac Troponin-I  test on MQ-60 CLIA

Hs Troponin-I can be done on hospital bedside in ICU/Emergency care. MQ-60, the critical care CLIA offering hs Troponin-I onboard

Uses whole blood too as a sample for an easy point of care analysis.

Single cartridge-based ready to use reagents for ease of use. One cartridge is equal to one sample.

Based on 10- point calibrated master curve and recalibration with 2 – point calibrators in the kits.

Quantitative results with a linearity of 0.02- 50 ng/ml.

Control provided with the kit thus need not to be purchased at extra cost.

Results within 17 minutes with 6 samples at a time

Calibration stability- 4 weeks.

On board stability of the kit- till expiry if stored properly at 2-8 Deg C.

No additional reagent or consumable required for running the tests


Troponin I Rapid card test

Troponin I.png

Uses fingerstick whole blood thus can be used in any setup including emergency care.

Reliable results in 10 minutes

Excellent Performance with Sensitivity of 98.5%, Specificity of 98.4% and Accuracy of 98.5%

A better marker than CK MB as appears early and can be detected for 2 weeks after myocardial infarction.

Inbuilt procedural control

Store at Room temperature (4-30 deg C).

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