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Trade Distributor

We mainly look at partners with good reach and coverage of large number Private Labs and hospital labs. Past track record in medical diagnostics is Must.

Institutional Distributor

We expect a strong presence and proven track record in Govt and tender business segment. Specific institution or territory wise partnerships are possible. 

Experience in Medical Diagnostics is strongly preferred but not must

To have better focus on our ever increasing product range we have divided the product range in 3 divisions since Jan 2021. We are looking forward to appoint channel partners for any one of these divisions to niche down and focus for maximum growth and benefits.

Specialty Kits

Immunoshop Speciality kits division focuses on the speciality immunodiagnostic kits like Infcetious ELISA, Autoimmune ELISA, Endocrine ELISA, Autoimmune Immunoblot, Autoimmune IFA & many other speciality ELISA's. The highly specialised segment wherein we are directly present at many customer sites but looking forward to partners who have strong presence and knowledge for the speciality niche.

Lab Automation

Immunoshop Lab Automation division includes the state of the art lab instruments which are required for testing routine as well as rare parameters. Chemiluminescence, Fully automated Nephelometry & Cartridge based Infectious & Autoimmune analyzer, processors for ELISA, blot and IFA . We have widespread customer base with immunoassay automations however looking forward for further growth with more automation installations.

Lab Basics

Immunoshop Lab basics division caters to all the rapid cards viz. Covid-19 IgG/IgM, Dengue Plus, Malaria Pf/Pv. We also offer TRIFA based card reading POCT instrument & cartridge based portable nephelometer. The lab basics product will help to achieve a widespread reach with the easy to use and handle POCT testing solutions.

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