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maglumi 800

Unique Features with excellent performance

Maglumi 800
Chemiluminescence Immunoassay 

Check for COVID-19 clinical markers

Ferritin, PCT, CRP, hsTnI, D Dimer, Beta-2 microglobulin

  • Throughput: 180 tests/hour

  • Random access, batch mode or STAT

  • Non-enzyme involve flash chemiluminescence

  • Long stability of reagents

  • ABEI label, very stable in acid and alkaline buffers

  • Starter reagents consists of NaOH and H₂O₂, unaffected by storage conditions

  • Reagent integral: All components including calibrators, diluents inside the cartridge itself. Easy and cost effective inventory management. Inter lots issues and traceability improvement

  • 10 Point Master Curve: More accuracy and better analytical measurement range

Reagent Feature 

  • Integrated kit with calibrator, ready to use

  • Controls provided with the kits

  • Super paramagnetic microbeads solid phase

  • RFID tag with master curve stores all information of reagents

  • 2 - Point calibration, to adjust master curve

Reagent Loading 

  • On board 9 reagent loading facility.

  • Continuos loading

  • RFID reads all reagent information

  • Refreigerated reagent area

Other Feature

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  • Monitors reagent liquid level

  • Optional ratio for high sample dilution

  • Auto dilution for high titer samples

  • Clot detection

  • 40 samples slot

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