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At Immunoshop, Despite these tough COVID times, We continue to maintain a Future positive outlook. While supporting our present team in all possible ways, We also continue With our recruitment Drive. We are looking for the right talent for our next level of growth. Keeping in mind the COVID situation, all interviews will be by via Video conference. We already moved Part of the training and Induction to Digital Platforms.


Current Opportunities

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Immunoshop believes, our employees are our greatest assets to accomplish our mission. We have the best talented, diverse, dedicated and result oriented employees who contributes in Company growth. We are an organisation with lean structure, giving you access to all cross-functional teams and management as below:


Our sales team located PAN India, consist of highly motivated, smart, result oriented and believing in the concept of confident selling and focusing on both science and high selling quality with exposure  to excellent immunoassay range of products.

Professional product management and support team, collaborate for best sales results. We work on simple sales process with a focus on customer satisfaction and offer a lot of flexibility in working with low reporting needs. Our Incentive plans are simple and yet with high earning potential.

With best result sales output staff, we have grown immensely since years.



Our Service Engineer team is focused in Service installation supports to our esteemed Clients based PAN India. The team with high service responsibility and great industry technical knowledge also  work closely with the sales team to co-ordinate sales lead and close sales call. We have Service staff who has taken dual role of sales and support both. Enhancing customer and delivering unmatched service levels satisfaction has been delivered from Immunoshop. 



Our Application Specialist team is focused in post-sale supports service to our esteemed Clients based PAN India. The team has great industry technical knowledge, to improve national level customer service by providing effective service & application support, development and management of strategic accounts though deep selling and scientific product promotion. Commited in improving customer satisfaction and providing a standarize service is the "moto" of Immunoshop. 



We have dedicated staff in Product management team with focus in market research, technical sales and works in congruence with various activities, processes , communication to sale a concept converted into product and service to the right customers across India. Our team is responsible for the overall development and execution of promotional strategy for maximum output and success of our quality products assigned. 


Our Operations team include various departments like Accounts, Logistics, General Administration, Human Resources based at Navi Mumbai, Head Quarter. We believe our team here is the backbone of our Company who are most committed and multitasking staff, managing the critical back-end processes efficiently and effectively.

Current opening

Inspiring Workplace

Work Culture

We believe in Open Communication Culture with lean structure, upgrading your skill sets and  giving you the access to all cross-functional teams and management and  process of continuous learning.

Performance Not 


Here your career will be driven purely  on basis of your present performance, behaviour, future potential and nothing. You just have to focus on your job with dedication, motivation and  peac of mind, and we take care of the rest. We regularly challenge status quo at Immunoshop.


Here each staff is a valuable asset to our organisation and appreciation is the best way to motivate a performer and his best work. It also motivates the other members to do bring their best foot forward and achieve. We bring the best out of people by  Training, Motivating  and appreciating the better to best people.

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