D-Dimer Testing for COVID-19

D-dimer is commonly elevated in patients with COVID-19. D-dimer levels correlate with disease severity and are a reliable prognostic marker for in-hospital mortality in patients admitted for COVID-19.

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Immunoshop offers D-dimer testing on varied platforms

D-dimer test on Maglumi CLIA

Assay linearity of 0.25-100 microgFEU/ml

Fast results with in 10 minutes

Low sample volume of 20 microl.

No extra cost for calibrators and controls- 2 level of calibrators and 1 control included in the kit

Reagent integral with RFID tag containing all information of the reagent

Maglumi offers high throughput of 180 tests/hour for testing high sample workload

Increased sample and reagent stability with onboard cooling on the system

D-dimer test on MQ-60 CLIA

D- dimer can be done on hospital bedside in ICU/Emergency care. MQ-60, the critical care CLIA offering D-dimer onboard

Uses whole blood too as a sample for an easy point of care analysis.

Single cartridge-based ready to use reagents for ease of use. One cartridge is equal to one sample.

Based on 10- point calibrated master curve and recalibration with 2 – point calibrators in the kits.

Quantitative results with a linearity of 2.5- 2500mg/ml.

Control provided with the kit thus need not to be purchased at extra cost.

Results within 17 minutes with 6 samples at a time

Calibration stability- 4 weeks.

On board stability of the kit- till expiry if stored properly at 2-8 Deg C.

No additional reagent or consumable required for running the tests

D-Dimer test with automated protein analyser Omlipo

Based on fixed time nephelometric principle

Broad linearity of 0.28mg/L- 15.7mg/L

US FDA approved

Throughput of 100 Tests/ hour

Fixed time Immunonephelometry Principle

Immunofluorescence Rapid card Tests & Analyzer

Fluorescent label like lanthanide based rapid card tests

Higher sensitivity and stability

TRFIA ( Time Resolved Flourescent Immunoassay ) based card reader

Inbuilt procedural control

Quantitative result analysis

40 tests/package

RT storage thus no need to maintain cold chain

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