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Endocrinology Product Range
Diasource is an international diagnostics company which develops, manufactures and markets clinical diagnostic products in the field of endocrinology. It offers core products like ELISA and RIA technology and reagents for open ELISA and automated ELISA analyzers

The product portfolio comprehends wide range of products from Autoimmunity, Biogenic Amines, Bone metabolism, Cancer markers, Cardiovascular and Salt balance, Diabetes and metabolism, Fertility, Gastrointestinal metabolism, Growth factors, Immunology markers and Thyroid Function tests. Diasource constantly works and develops specific antibodies for use in their diagnostic assays and offer these antibodies also to other diagnostic companies. Constantly looking for new technologies and applications, it has put its expertise in the development of new antibodies (patent pending) and assays to measure 25 OH Total Vitamin D (D2+D3).

Endocrinology all Product Range

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25 OH vitamin D ELISA kit with results in 90 mins.

25 OH vitamin D ELISA kit with results in 90 mins. No extraction or displacement required outside the microwells.

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