COVID-19 Rapid Tests

TRF based card reading for high sensitivity and accurate results

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Test COVID-19 with FA160 features

Separate testing of IgG and IgM antibodies

COVID-19 IgG Rapid card test

COVID-19 IgM Rapid card test

Results within 15 minutes

Whole blood sample for emergency care

Automated interpretation with TRFIA based POCT reader( FA-160)

Accurate Results

Easy to use

Lifotronic FA-160 is an immnofluorescence-based diagnostic system with TRFIA ( Time resolve fluorescent Immunoassay ) detector to measure cardiac diseases, infectious diseases and other major life-style related diseases through testing concentration of various analytes in blood samples. The instruments offers diagnosis for COVID-19 antibody detection too on the same platform.

No sample pre-treatment required. Only one step to add sample, 6 incubation channels with auto timing reminder, get results in 15 minutes.

Precise and Reliable

Precision: CV≤15%, Repeatability: CV≤15%, Stability: CV≤5%

Smart data input

Automatically load lot and test strip information through the RFID card and the scanner.


LIS compatible

Data Storage Capacity

Stores a maximum of 10000 test results.

6 Incubation Channels

Incubating 6 cards simultaneously

Autonumbering to avoid mistakes

Constant temperature incubating with autotiming reminder

Excellent Performance

Add blood sample to the test strip

Put the test strip into the incubation channel

After incubation, put the test strip into test channel

Sample tested and results printed


Fully Automated Nephelometry


Automated  Critical Care Immunoassay Analyser

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