COVID -19 Test now Available on Maglumi CLIA Automations

Maglumi Launches COVID-19 IgG and IgM antibody Test

Results within in 30 minutes

CE marked and CDSCO Approved

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Maglumi Kit Features

The COVID-19 Kits are offered with Maglumi integral Features to

give the best user experience and result interpretation

Accurate results

Maglumi COVID-19 IgM is based on Mu capture principle to avoid false positive reactions

Sample type


No extra cost for calibrator a

Calibrator and control are part of kit and thus need not to be purchased extra

2 Level controls 

Two level controls positive and negative controls provided with the kits

Minimum sample handling

Automated predilution of sample for minimum sample handling

Sample Volume 

Small sample volume 10-ul

Test COVID-19 with Maglumi features

Maglumi 800 benefits

Maglumi offers various benefits for testing

Easy to use

Random Access, Batch mode, STAT mode

Reagent and sample Areas 

40 sample positions and 9 reagent positions with onboard cooling facility


180 test/hour

Detect COVID-19 and Test beyond

As clearly pointed by many ongoing studies, SARS-CoV-2 not only leads to COVID-19 (Coronavirues Disease 2019 ) but also various other severe manifestations.

  • Cytokine Storm Syndrome (CSS) Or the overreaction of patient’s immune response. Most patients present with elevated levels of C- reactive protein(CRP) and normal level of procalcitonin ( PCT) which can help to differentiate with bacterial infections. The level of other inflammatory markers like IL-6 and SAA is also elevated.

  • Heart and blood vessels injury As degenerated or necrosed myocardial cells are present, it is essential to test for cardiac heart injury and test the complete panel – CK-MB, hsTroponin I, Myoglobin, NT- proBNP, BNP and D-Dimer.

  • Acute Kidney injury COVID-19 patients not only attacks lungs but also kidneys as the Albumin levels are shown to be elevated.

  • Male fertility dysfunction The male reproductive function is affected during COVID-19 convalsecence. Thusfertility panel need to be tested- Testosterone, Free testosterone, SHBG, Free PSA, PSA. These panels are used to monitor male hormone levels.


Immunology Markers/Cytokines ELISA

Maglumi 800

Chemiluminescence Immunoassay 


Fully Automated Nephelometry


Automated  Critical Care Immunoassay Analyser

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