Maglumi Ferritin

Test for COVID-19

Ferritin has been documented as one of the crucial factor influencing the severity of COVID-19.

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Hyperferritinemia has been associated with increased illness severity and adverse outcomes, including COVID-19. Elevated ferritin levels due to secondary haemophagocytic lympho- histiocytosis (sHLH) and cytokine storm syndrome have been reported in severe COVID-19 patients.

In one of the studies, Ferritin is found to be elevated in non-survivors compared to survivors throughout the clinical course and increase with illness deterioration in COVID-19.

This is proved to be an efficient biomarker used to help to track disease severity and mortality. It is used as first screening step for cytokine storm syndrome in COVID-19 patients with high fever.


Test and detect Ferritin with Maglumi features

Broad linearity range: 1.3- 3000ng/ml

Fast results: Results within 20 minutes

No extra cost for calibrators and controls: 2 level of calibrators and 1 control included in the kit

Highly stable: Calibration stability of 4 weeks

Reagent integral with RFID tag containing all information of the reagent

Maglumi offers high throughput of 180 tests/hour for testing high sample workload

Increased sample and reagent stability with onboard cooling on the system

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