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COVID- 19 and Cytokine Storm Syndrome

Cytokine Storm Syndrome (CSS) has been found to be most common manifestation of COVID-19 infection

Current studies as per the clinical outcomes shown in China and other countries reveal that many who succumbed to death are due to their own immune system rather than the virus itself. The phenomenon is called as cytokine storm system.


Cytokine storm syndrome (CSS) is an excessive immune response of an infected person which damages healthy lung tissues, leading to acute respiratory distress and multiple organ failure. This is very frequent in certain viral infections, recent being COVID-19. If left untreated, CSS can be fatal to the patients.

The treatment for CSS is thus of importance which requires treating the overactive immune response. The diagnosis for the CSS condition thus becomes important in the treatment course of COVID-19. The clinical biomarkers which can be of great help in diagnosis of CSS are:

1. Serum Ferritin

Serum Ferritin is a good first screening tool for the possibility of a cytokine storm syndrome in patients with high fever. We present ferritin testing on Maglumi- the automated CLIA automation with reporting time as small as 20 minutes. Click here to know more about the automation.

2. IL-6

Most of the therapies for CSS target the elevated inflammatory markers like IL-6.

We do offer the test on a critical care analyser MQ-60 which has the test available as ready to use cartridges.

3. CRP

CRP testing is used as screening as well as evaluation of COVID-19 infection so as to help patients on treatment path. It is not normally elevated in mild viral respiratory infections but has shown to increase in COVID-19 patients.

4. PCT

The multiple organ failure is attributed to sepsis or septic shock. The Procalcitonin (PCT) can be a good marker for finding the sepsis in COVID -19 patients which can be attributed to sepsis in pneumonia acquired due to virus. We offer PCT on Maglumi- lab CLIA analyser and MQ-60, the critical care ICU CLIA analyser.

Click on the links for Maglumi 800 and MQ-60 to know more. We do offer IL-6 on ELISA. Please click here to know more about IL-6 ELISA.


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