Immucheck Procalcitonin (PCT) Rapid Test

December 2, 2017

PCT is the most accurate and promising sepsis biomarker, capable of complementing clinical signs and routine lab parameters suggestive of severe 
infection. Sepsis or septicemia (blood poisoning) is a potentially fatal condition that is usually associated with a bacterial infection. In order to detect 
sepsis before it becomes life-threatening, a sensitive and rapid diagnostic test is required. PCT is a small protein of 116 amino acid residues with a 
mol weight of 13 kDa, is the peptide precursor of Calcitonin. PCT is produced normally in C-cells of the Thyroid gland. It can be produced by 
numerous cell types and organs after proinflammatory stimulation, especially when caused by bacterial challenge.


Special Features of Immucheck PCT Rapid test


1. Qualitative detection of procalcitonin in whole blood (from veinipuncture or fingerstick), serum or plasma.

2. Test device contains mouse anti-PCT antibody coated on the surface to improve specificity.

3. Excellent sensitivity & specificity with high correlation with commercial PCT EIA technique i.e 98.8 %.

4. Lower limit of detection is ≥ 1 ng/ml.

5. Read clear and reliable results within 20 minutes.

6. Contains an Internal control (C) band for the confirmation that the test has been performed correctly.

7. Ready to use device, Easy to interpret.

8. Can be stored at room temperature 2-30 C, no refrigeration required for the device.

9. Offers result card in kit for semi qualitative interpretation.

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