IL6, D Dimer, Ferritin, PCT & other COVID Related Parameters

On Multiple Formats 






Wantai COID-19 Total Ab ELISA

  • Results within 75 minutes

  • Uses S1 RBD recombined antigens for detecting neutralizing antibodies for maximum specificity

  • Total antibody detection including IgG+ IgM detection thus providing better screening tool with enhanced sensitivity

  • 2 level controls viz Positive and negative controls provided

  • Ready to use reagents for user friendliness

  • Best performing COVID kits as recommended by WHO*

  • CE marked, FDA authorised, IVD approved, ICMR evaluated

Excellent performance ( As per ICMR evaluation)

Sensitivity: 98 %

Specificity: 100 %

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Sienna COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid card

  • Made in Europe/ US FDA approved

  • Uses Spike antigens for detecting neutralizing antibodies for maximum specificity

  • Single card for the detection of IgG and IgM antibodies

  • Whole blood sampling for emergency use

  • Results within 10 minutes

  • 20 tests/package


  • Maglumi is a fully automated and walkaway CLIA instrument for routine and rare tests with more than 100 parameters on board.

  • Throughput of 180 tests/hour

  • Reagent integral containing all reagents to run the test







120 more tests available

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Rapid card tests

  • Fluorescent label like lanthanide based rapid card tests

  • Higher sensitivity and stability

  • TRFIA ( Time Resolved Flourescent Immunoassay ) based card reader

  • Inbuilt procedural control

  • Quantitative result analysis

  • 40 tests/package

  • RT storage thus no need to maintain cold chain


Fully automated and walkaway protein analyser

  • Throughput 100 tests/hour

  • Onboard cooling for reagents for higher stability

  • Antigen excess security to avoid false negative results

  • 26 sample positions

  • 30 reagent positions



35 more tests onboard

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MQ 60

MQ 60 is CLIA instrument for lab quality results in emergency care and ICU.

  • Based on ready and easy to use cartridges

  • The cartridges are prefilled with all necessary reagents to run a sample

  • Calibrators and control part of the kit

  • 6 test results within 17 minutes

  • No consumables needed


  • ELISA with most user friendly procedure.

  • High sensitivity with Sandwich Enzyme Amplified Sensitivity Immunoassay.

  • 96 Tests package.

  • 6 calibrators for quantitative result analysis,

  • Quantitative results with a linearity of 23.3- 2560 pg/ml.

  • 2 level controls provided with the kit thus need not to be purchased at extra cost.

  • Assay time of 2.25 hours at Room Temperature.

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GPP-100 Fully automated specific protein analyser

  • 2 D bar code for reading the assay type automatically

  • Based on single cartridge containing all reagents to run a sample

  • No consumable needed extra

  • Pack size of 20 tests/pack

  • Inbuilt calibration curve provided by manufacturer

  • Results within 3-8 minutes

  • Easy to use with single step procedure

  • Memory storage of 1 lac results

  • Built in thermal printer, Based on touch screen

  • US FDA approved protein analyzer

LifeDx VTM

  • 10 ml self standing tube with two swabs

  • Nylon flocculated oropharyngeal & nasopharyngeal swabs with breakpoint

  • Gamma sterilized components

  • Screw cap to hold swabs in tube for leak and spill proof.

  • Perfect media composition ensures optimum recovery of target organisms

  • Media contains antibiotics and antimycotics to suppress the bacterial and fungal growth

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  • Real Time PCR for simultaneous screening and confirmation of COVID-19

  • Detection of COVID-19 specific target genes in a single tube

  • Reliable result with three target genes ( N gene, E gene and RdRP gene)

  • Fast results within 1 hour 50 minutes after extraction

  • Suitable for high throughput

  • Also offering whole process control for assay validity

  • EUA approved

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