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Fully Automated 5-Part Hematology Analyzer

  • Extensive Parameters

  • 3 Reagents only

  • Improved technology

  • Large storage


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Outstanding Technologies

As the lightest and most compact 5-part hematology analyzer so far from Mindray, BC-5140 is a highly user-friendly and innovative analyzer that offers cost effective CBC and 5-part white cell differential results. It is targeted to full and exceed the demands of our global customers by providing more accurate, more efficient and more innovative solutions for labs.

Tri-angle Laser scatter + Chemical dye + Flow cytometry technology creating the possibility for a better 5-part WBC differentiation even on samples with high Eosinophil.
BC-5140, the 5-part hematology analyzer offers a great solution for clinical labs, especially for those who have limited space. Its compact foot-print is a result of innovative technology improvements, including miniaturized semi-conductor laser source, highly integrated electronic boards and optimized liquid handling system.


Two kinds of lyse reagents are located inside of BC-5140, which helps the small labs to save space


4 USB ports are located on the instrumentʼs left side. They permit BC-5140 users to transmit data

conveniently and connect with printers, keyboard, mouse, barcode scanner,etc.


The 10.4 inch TFT touch screen with a wide viewing angle, brings convenience to clinicians. Users can complete all instrument operations on the screen, practically eliminating the need for an external PC.


BC-5140 supports bi-directional LIS with test results and patient information. HL7 protocol is supported as well.


BC-5140 inherits itʼs convenient and proven powerful software design from BC-6800 and BC-3600 platforms, the friendly interface is ideal for small sized labs.


Compared with traditional helium neon laser or argon laser,semi-conductor laser has smaller size, lower cost and longer life cycle.


Running capillary blood through the sample probe directly is more convenient for the users in childrenʼs hospitals, etc. For Prediluted mode, BC-5140 has higher dilution ratio than other 5-part hematology analyzers, thus it brings a better mixing effect.


Improved DC impedance technology is used to count and size the RBC and PLT. The smaller counting aperture (50m in diameter) provides better performance on samples with low PLT.

Technical Specifications:
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