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Immucheck Autoblot

Automate and standardize your line immunoassay and western blot routine

Immucheck Autoblot is automated blot instrument for line immunoassays and western blot that performs all the protocol operations for line immunoassay and western blotting membrane strips. It provides reliability and increased productivity by automating all key protocol steps of Blot processing, such as time consuming washing and incubation procedures.  All the steps of liquid dispensing, liquid aspiration, incubation, rinsing, and substrate addition are performed by the instrument automatically.

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Features and Benefits of Immucheck Autoblot processor

  • Test strip capacity with automated processing of up to 36 samples per run

  • Pump dispensing  range of 250 microl – 3000 microl with automatic calibration function eliminating tedious manual procedure.

  • Liquid adding and aspirating arm works together for faster processing.

  • Shaker with automatic temperature control function. 3 type speed shaking shaker capacity.

  • Automatic cleaning and rinsing whenever required

  • Alarms for reagent addition, waste overflow and protocol completion

  • Works on short or overnight mode depending on protocol need

  • Controlled timing also for short incubation steps

  • On-board operation & software for easy programming

  • Reagent saving feature minimizes dead volumes & running costs

  • Separate collection of toxic & biohazardous waste

  • Pre-defined cleaning protocols for easy maintenance

  • Can store upto 38+2 kinds of user defined programs permanently. ( 2 are factory settings of long and short and can be modified if more assays need to be programmed).



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