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HELIA is a fully automated analyzer

for line immunoassays and immunoblots. The system is able to perform all immunoblot processing steps, and due to an integrated camera module, it is able to read and report immunoblot results. 

Ultra compact design – High throughput.

Up to 40 samples in one single run.

Up to 40 stripes (5x 8 stripes) from 9 different tests in one run.



A highly sensitive camera allows the HELIA system to perform immunoblots from the primary sample tube, to the interpreted results, the HELIA is a walkaway system.


Secure workflow due to ID Barcode Scanner for automatic sample detection and identification.


Using a highly sensitive camera with 5 megapixel resolution CMOS color sensor, enables the HELIA system to eliminate the strip drying step, commonly added at the end of the reaction, when performing immunoblotting with other systems.

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Bidirectional connection with AESKU.LAB® middleware and/or LIS. Requests the sample-assay combination from the AESKU.LAB® or LIS after scanning your sample tubes. Sends all results back to AESKU.LAB® and/or LIS. The software includes several user rights.


for patient samples and reagents. Immediately after starting, all conjugates, substrates and sample buffer are checked for their correct positions. Errors are indicated by a warning symbol indicating that the log file must be checked for errors.


Full automation of the immunoblot procedure with sample tubes. A log file will be created for each day the HELIA software is initiated.


HELIA Device Software is very user friendly. It offers a menu control panel with different toolbars (ribbons) for each menu option. The area below the ribbon reveals the corresponding information and also offers active elements such as buttons, tabulator fields and check boxes as well as passive fields, such as text and graphic boxes.