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Rheumatology, Vasculitis, Hepatology, Gastroenterology and Myositis

  • The AESKUBLOTS test line offers a variety of different immunoblots for an efficient sample testing of autoimmune and infectious diseases which includes rheumatology, vasculitis, gastroenterology, myositis and borreliasis.

  • Being coated with a plethora of specific antigens on one test strip, AESKUBLOTS provide a complete diagnostic overview in a single test and are suitable for screening of autoimmune diseases as well as for cost-effective differential diagnosis.

  • No calibrators are needed

  • No controls are needed ( inbuilt control present on the strip itself)

  • Minimal Lab requirements

  • All the accessories needed to run the kit are included

  • Can be automated on Helmed

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Aesku Blots 

ANA 17 profile

Liver profile


Vasculitis profile Blot 

Gastro profile Blot



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