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ANA 17 profile Blot with Myositis Profile

Do not miss Myositis Profile while screening for ANA

ana profile
  • Cost effective differential diagnosis

  • 17 important ANA screening antigens on the same strip including Myositis antigens ( Ku & Mi2) and PBC ( AMA- M2).

  • Most pure ds DNA coated on the strip to give specific results

  • Clear bands on the strip without any background 

  • No calibrators needed

  • No controls needed ( already in the strip)

  • Minimal lab equipment needed

Immunoblot for the qualitative detection of IgG antibodies against:
dsDNA, nucleosomes, histones, SmD1, PCNA, P0, SS-A/Ro60kD, SS-A/Ro52kD, SS-B/La, CENP -B, Scl-70, U1 snRNP, AMA M2, Jo-1, Pm-Scl, Ku and Mi-2 in human serum or plasma.
24 tests/kit
Conjugate: anti-human IgG HRP
Color-coded (orange) test strips with cut-off and positive control
Easy to use software for result interpretation
For easy interpretation of the AESKUBLOTS, AESKU. DIAGNOSTICS provides the dedicated evaluation software AESKUSCAN.

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Mi-2 detection for specific PM/DM diagnosis :

Significance of Ku detection:

With various roles in body like DNA- binding, barrier to transcriptional activation, regulation of developmental processes and skin development and repair of basal epidermis, Mi-2 is considered to be a very important antigen for specific PM/DM diagnosis.

  • Mi-2 is "Myositis-Specific Antibody"(MSA) (It is extremely rare to find these antibodies in patients without myositis, even if they have another muscle or autoimmune disease.)

  • MSA are found almost exclusively in patients with DM/PM and associated overlap syndromes

  • This antibody is associated with Dermatomyositis without other associated connective tissue disorders.

  • 15-20 % Dermatomyositis with a high diagnostic specificity. 95 % of patients with Mi-2 antibodies suffer from dermatomyositis.

  • 15-20 % Dermatomyositis with a high diagnostic specificity. 95 % of patients with Mi-2 antibodies suffer from dermatomyositis.

As postulated, Ku antibodies could be found in 55% overlap PM/Systemic sclerosis patients, it is considered to be very important antigen. The anti-Ku antibodies are reported in various connective tissue diseases and the Ku complex can be responsible for a very strong autoimmune answer in autoimmune diseases.

Ku antibodies occurrence:

  • 5-25 % :- Polymyositis and scleroderma overlap-syndrome .

  • 1-7 % :- Myositis .

  • 20 % :- Primary pulmonary hypertension

  • 5-10 % :- SLE .

  • 20 % :- Primary Sjögren’s syndrome

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