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Fully automated immunoassay analyser for autoimmune and infectious diseases. 

CHORUS- Your solution to autoimmunity and infectious disease testing

  • Small and convenient pack size of 36 tests.

  • Suitable for all labs and clinics.

  • Same day reporting for rare as well routine parameters with low TAT.

  • Single test ready to use devices.

  • No hidden costs- calibrators and controls are provided in almost all the kits.

  • CHORUS Trio is a multi parametric, compact bench top analyzer for autoimmune and infectious parameters.

  • Utilizes single test cartridge based system, where in all the reagents required to perform a particular assay are pre filled with in the cartridge.

  • Fully automated walk away system with no manual intervention besides the sample addition in the cartridge.

  • The instrument is uniquely positioned due to it’s on board parameters, and is a value addition to any small and big labs, hospitals.

  • Up to 100 comprehensive ranges of autoimmune & infectious parameters onboard that includes both routine as well as rare parameters, like ANA, dsDNA, Anti Cardiolipin, Beta 2 Glycoprotein, CCP, entire ToRCH panel including HSV.

  • Its unique menu improves on the test profile of the user, by performing and reporting the routine and rare specialized test in house.

  • Faster TAT improves on the quality and service of any laboratory by giving reports on the same day even for the rare parameters

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