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Chemiluminescence Immunoassay analyser

Maglumi CLIA Series


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Maglumi CLIA Series

  • Reagents available in convenient pack size 50 tests and 100 tests

  • Free quality control and calibrators help to reduce the cost per test

  • (2 level Calibrator and control part of kit and need not to be purchased extra)

  • Quality guaranteed by the third-party quality control and external quality Assessment (EQA)

  • High reliability RFID label storing reagent information

  • RFID tag with built label in 10 point master curve

  • 2-point calibration to adjust master curve

  • Calibration Stability: Max 4 weeks

  • Easy and fast for adding and updating

  • Autodilution feature available- Pre-and post-dilution available for the case of high concentration sample

  • Sample recognized by barcode reader or automatically numbered by the Analyzer

  • Random access ,Batch mode and STAT mode instrument

Hardware features

  • Titanium needle with crush-proof function Clot detection & liquid level detection

  • Teflon coated needle for carry-over prevention Inner & external washing of pipettors

  • Continuous loading of reagents and samples possible

  • Cooling of sample and reagents and areas for stability and to avoid Deterioration

  • Powerful washer with anti-overflow function

  • Intelligent magnetic field design ensure good Separation

  • High-sensitivity and low-noise photo multiplier tube (PMT)

  • Cuvette detection and anti-overflow

  • Bidirectional LIS connection by TCP/IP and COM

Software features

  • User-friendly interface

  • Real-time status monitoring for each test

  • Monitoring reagent and consumable status

  • Intelligent alarm function

  • Smart Maintenance with step by step guide, ensure performance

  • Reliability and reduce unnecessary service calls

  • Daily ,weekly and monthly maintenance guide for analyzer

  • Westgard rules and Levey – Jennings chart for both internal and external

  • Quality control

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