LifeDX HBPro

Fully automated HbA1c analyser

  • Based on Gold standard HPLC method

  • Most compact fully automated HPLC system for any lab setup

  • Fully automated with minimum operation steps

  • Precise, reliable and accurate

Lab Attendent

LifeDX HBPro

Fully automated HbA1c analyser

The Big 4

  • Based on HPLC technology- Gold standard methodology

NGSP and IFCC certified.

  • Suitable for any lab set up

5 samples loading capacity suitable for any lab set up. Most compact fully automated HPLC system. Small footprint reduces bench space needed

  • Fully automated system

Helps to minimize operation steps. External barcode scanner for sample identification with fully automated system cleaning after test.

  • Precise, reliable and accurate results

Offers inter measuring CV 1.5% and intra measuring CV 3%. Superior quality chromatographic resolution to eliminate interferences.

Dual wavelength detection to avoid reagent peak interferences and nonspecific absorption of hemoglobin. The mutation factor interference to the peak can be easily counteracted.

Offers degasser for more accurate flow rate with improved separation effect of column and prolong its lifetime. It reduces background absorption and improve detection sensitivity.

Other features
  • Reagent kit needed- Eluent A, Eluent B, Hemolysin L, Calibrator, QC material

  • Varied test modes- Variant Mode (A1c/E/D/S/C)

  • Broad test range- 3%- 18%

  • Precision- CV ≤1.5%

  • Test speed- 130 secs/test

  • Different sample types- Venous blood, finger peripheral blood, Lyophilized whole blood,10µL(Whole blood), 400µL ( Diluted blood)

  • Double detection- with photometer of 415nm+500nm Detector

  • Large display- 10.1”TFT True color LCD Touch screen

  • Results storage- 4000 sample results

  • Flexible compatibility- USB, LAN, LIS compatible

Other technical specifications

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