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Increase Lab Revenue with 1,25 (OH)2 Vitamin D  ELISA

"1,25 Vitamin D testing is growing at rapid pace in last five years in india.Few labs are doing this test as it is difficult assay to platform.Also it was available mostly in RIA only.Now it is available in ELISA."

125, vitamin d elisa
  • Gold Standard extraction protocol with organic solvents ensuring no interference.

  • Least incubation steps for fastest TAT as compared to other ELISA kits available in market.

  • Breakable wells format.

  • Detects both D2 and D3.

  • Good correlation with LC-MS/MS with coefficient of 0.92.

  • DEQAS samples accurately measured.​

  • Assay set up and application support provided.

  • Analytical sensitivity of 1.7 pg/mL.

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