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25 (OH) vitamin D Total ELISA

  • Fastest Vitamin D ELISA with results in 90 minutes.

  • All in one Technology for ease of use.

  • Detects both D2 and D3 forms of Vitamin D.

vitamin D

Quality results:

  • Calibrated against ID-LC/MS-MS (reference method)

  • At par with chemiluminescence and other assays available in market.

  • CE marked ELISA kit.

  • Certified by DEQAS and gives total Vitamin D status of the individual.

All In One technology:

The kit shows highly competitive sensitivity, precision and performance characteristics to all the immunoassays available in the market but uses a novel and extremely easy pretreatment step directly in microwell itself. No extraction step is required. Displacement solution is directly put into the wells.

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Fast results : Results in 90 minutes

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