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Aeskulisa ANA HEp-2 ELISA

  • High sensitive ANA ELISA Kit with microwells coated with lysed Hep-2 CELL line and additionally spiked with essential recombinant 8 ENAs ( SS-A, SS-B, U1 snRNP, Scl-70, Centromere-B, Sm, dsDNA)

  • US FDA approved ELISA kit.

  • CE marked and Calibrated with CDC reference sera

  • Aesku ANA HEp-2 ELISA kit is the “ideal” screening test and has the microwells coated with HEp-2 cell extracts and additionally spiked with necessary recombinant antigens. The inclusion of these spiked antigens together with the nucleolar and HEp-2 cell extracts significantly increases the sensitivity to detect ANA positive sera (including those with unknown specificity).

  • Breakable microwells & ready to use reagents.

  • Uses One Aesku Concept ie. same incubation time, same common reagents like sample buffer, substrate, stop solution and wash buffer, thus user friendly kit and ideal for automation.

  • CE –marked product.

  • Calibrated according to CDC reference sera, Atlanta.

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