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Gastro profile Blot 

Immunoblot testing for Celiac disease, Chron's disease and pernicious anemia on single strip

  • Cost effective differential diagnosis

  • Clear bands on the strip without any background 

  • No calibrators needed

  • No controls needed ( already in the strip)

  • Minimal lab equipment needed

  • All necessary items to run the assay are included in the kit.

Immunoblot for the qualitative detection of IgG antibodies against:
Gliadin, tTG, mannan (ASCA), parietal cells and intrinsic factor-antigen.
24 tests/kit
Conjugate: anti-human IgG HRP Color-coded (black) test strips with cut-off and positive control
Easy to use software for
result interpretation
For easy interpretation of the AESKUBLOTS, AESKU. DIAGNOSTICS provides the dedicated evaluation software AESKUSCAN.

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