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Chemray 120 Chemistry analyzer

rayto 120 vet.jpg
  • 8 pre-determined animal settings (dog, cat, cow, fish, horse, mouse, pig, and rabbit) and unlimited number of user-defined animal settings.
  •  Automatic, random access.
  • Up to 100 tests per hour.
  • Reagent pre-heating, liquid level detection.
  • Automatic inner and outer probe washing.
  • Labor saving, simple programming and real walk away operation.
  • Micro-volume for sample and reagent.
  • Switchable sample, reaction and reagent tray.
  • User- friendly software, simplicity and flexibility for operation.
  • Multi-language software supported.
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Semi automatic chemistry analyzer

Semi automatic RT-1904CV.jpg
Semi automatic chemistry analyzer-01.png


  • Supports 12 kinds of animals: 8 kinds are fixed (dog, cat, cow, fish, horse, mouse, pig, rabbit ) and 4 kinds are open.
  • Dichromatic optic system with 7 wavelengths.
  • Support keyboard and mouse with USB interface.
  • Automatic lamp sleeping.
  • Quality control.
  • Patient data management software.
  • Optimum calibration curve.
  • Reaction curve - testing is in right order.
  • 25 micro liter metal-quartz flow cell.
  • Multi language.
  • Memory: 160 test protocols, 500 test results.
  • Cross contamination rate: <0.1%.
  • Wavelength accuracy: 1 nm, bandwidth: 8nm.

Genrui VP 10 Chemistry Analyser

  • Fully automated and walkaway
  • Sample :Whole blood, Serum, plasma
  • Report time – 8 to 12 minutes
  • Animal type: Canine and Feline
  • Built in printer
  • Tests done:ALT, Pho, GGT, ALP, UREA, CREA, UA, TBIL, TP, ALB, Chol, Amy, CK, LDH, GLU, CO2, Ca, Na, K, Cl, P, Mg, Na/K+, Glo8-, A/G, Urea/Crea
VP 10.jpg
WP21 B.png


  • Principle: Colorimetry, turbidimetry.
  • Permanent quartz flow cell.
  • 2000 hours Long-life halogen lamp.
  • Less and easy maintainace.
  • Aspiration volume: 100-500 micro liter.
  • Test method: end point, fixed time, kinetics, SUB, DIV, ABS.
  • Reagent: open reagent system.
  • CE marked.
  • Animal species: Canine, feline, equine, bovine, porcine, others.
  • Tests done:
Most Comprehensive Rage of Chemistry Analyzer
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