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Best in Class Service

Immunoshop strives its promise to provide best services to its customers using closed systems. We understand that the continuous instrument run is very important for you to provide same day reports to your patients. Thus we have identified and allocated service headquarters at strategic locations so that any breakdown can be attended and resolved in minimum time.

We also take care to provide all preventive maintenance on scheduled time to avoid any frequent breakdowns in instruments and wear and tear.

Best Supply of Snibe Maglumi reagents

Being a first line instrument, the inventory management for this closed system is very important. We make sure that your lab is providing service to your patients without any disruption in instrument performance. We try to maintain all the parameters used by customers on shelf so that there is no disruption in supply.

Best Price for Snibe Maglumi reagents

We make sure that our customers purchase the kits at most economical prices for maximum benefits in business. This makes sure best return on investment for the instrument purchased.

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