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Carbapenem Resistant K.N.I.O.V. Detection K-set (Lateral Flow Assay)

  • Multiple genotypes- KPC, NDM, IMP, VIM and OXA-48 in one

  • Fast

  • Simple


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Carbapenemase Resistant Overview

Carbapenem antibiotics are one of the most effective drugs to control clinical pathogenic infections. Carbapenem- resistant Enterobacter (CRE) has become a global issue due to its broad-spectrum drug resistance, resulting in very limited treatment options for patients. In addition, the irrational use of antibiotics has continuously improved the resistance of bacteria, which has brought great troubles to clinicians in choosing antibiotics.

Carbapenemase-resistant K.N.I.O.V. detection K-st (lateral flow assay), a rapid diagnostic product, uses sandwich immunochromatography technology to detect carbapenem-resistant genes and accurately identify genotypes, including NDM, KPC,IMP,VIM and OXA-48 in single product.

It offers great significance for the early typing of drug- resistant strains, helping in guiding for medication for health improvement.

  1. Add 5 drops of sample treatment solution

  2. Dip bacterial colonies with a disposable inoculation loop

  3. Insert the loop into the tube

  4. Add 50µl to the S well of each cassette, wait for 10-15 minutes

  5. Read the result


Obtain the results within 15 minutes


Easy to use – minimum skilled personnel can also run the test

Easy storage

Stored and transported at room temperature reducing costs

Easy storage

Stored and transported at room temperature reducing costs

Comprehensive & Flexible

Combines NDM, KPC,IMP,VIM and OXA-48 tests together, gives a comprehensive detection of the gene types of carbapenem- resistant bacterial infected

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