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Become Immunoshop Distribution Partner

Leverage your existing strengths to

increase your sales and profits.


Associate with us
for IVD distribution opportunities

Access to Established Brands in the IVD market

  • High-Quality products with Proven Track record of growth and customer satisfaction for the last 18 years in India.

  • We have an experienced sales and service team to provide excellent support to our distribution partners.

  • We assure Long term business Partnership and safeguard your efforts and investments.

  • We always believe in safeguarding the business for our partners and continuously work to improve our distributor friendly policies.

  • The haematology reagents will be RFID coded to ensure complete reagent business from your installation site.

  • We work on restricted distribution model to help you with limited territory overlap with any other partners.

  • We assure maximum transparency in business for achieving long term relationships.

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Immunoshop Haematology Series


Day:. Saturday, Date:. 24/07/2021, Time:. 11 am.

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