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Endo Met PB

Novel Probiotic multi-strain formula for maintaining healthy micro flora in bovine reproductive tract

endo met b-pb
  • Uterine probiotic supplement to provide healthy micro flora in the bovine reproductive tract

  • No need for withholding milk during supplement regime

  • No chances for emergence of microbes resistant to antibacterial drugs


The Endo Met-PB is a novel probiotic multi-strain formula to be used as a uterine probiotic supplement for bovines. Endo Met-PB is also intended to treat mild and moderate case of endometritis in bovines. In case of severe endometritis a complementation of antibiotics is needed. It is also advised for usage as a post insemination supplement.


A consortium of LAB isolated from Bovine vagina with high probiotic properties were bulk cultivated in fermenters and spray dried. The final formulation consists of the following LAB presented in vials as spray dried powder to be administered as an intra-uterine douche following suspension in normal saline using a intra-uterine catheter . Each vial contains a total count of 5 billion viable organisms in one dose: (Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus fermentum, Bacillus coagulans and Pediococcusacidlacti)


  • Endo Met B-PB 500mg is available as a spray dried powder in bottles.

  • Mix with sterile normal saline and provide the same as a Intra uterine douche.

  • The intra-uterine douche is to be provided for 3-5 daysconsequetively coagulans and Pediococcusacidlacti).

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The applied probiotics colonizes the uterine endometrium and eliminates pathogens by competitive exclusion. They also produce hydrogen peroxide and other antibacterial proteins that antagonizes growth of pathogens.

Clinical Significance

Probiotics are “Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host”. One of the main characteristics to define the live microorganisms as probiotics is that they must be species-specific native isolates.

Hence Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) which are one of the most dynamic and natural inhabitant of the healthy bovine vagina have been isolated and characterized for their probiotic properties to be formulated as an alternate therapy for bovine endometritis Bovine endometritis is an important uterine disease that occurs 21 days after calving mainly caused by bacterial infection of the uterus. This impairs the productivity of the animals. The traditional antibiotic treatment has the disadvantage of antibiotic residues in milk and possible emergence of microbial resistance to antibacterial drugs.

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