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Diabetic ELISA

  • Most complete range of diabetic profile ELISA range that includes GAD-65, IA-2 and anti insulin antibodies from Aesku for Type 1 Diabetes.

  • Kits offer smallest incubation time and come with One Aesku Concept.

Aeskulisa ANA Hep-2.png
  • Make:                   Aesku, Germany

  • Pack Size:             96 Tests

  • Well format:          Breakable wells

  • Incubation time:     60-30-30-30 minutes

  • Linearity:               0-500 IU/ml

  • Antigen coatingon the microwells:          Human recombinant GAD 65 Antigen

  • Make:                Aesku, Germany

  • Pack Size:          96 Tests

  • Well format:       Breakable wells

  • Incubation time   60-30-30-30 minutes

  • Linearity:            0-500 IU/ml

  • Antigen coating on the microwells:  Recombinant human insulin

Anti Insulin Antibody ELISA
  • Make:                  Aesku, Germany

  • Pack Size:            96 Tests

  • Well format:         Breakable wells

  • Incubation time:    30-30-30 minutes

  • Linearity:              0-300 U/ml

  • Antigen coating on the microwells- Recombinant human insulin

Features and benefits
  1. Less than 3 hours incubation time.

  2. Low sample volume of

  3. One Aesku concept for easy automation ( Same protocol + interchangeable reagents)

  4. Biotin amplification principle for higher sensitivity in GAD-65 and IA-2 ELISA

  5. Qualitative as well as quantitative analysis flexibility

  6. Offers equivocal range for therapy monitoring

  7. Reconstituted Biotin stable for 5 days at 4 Deg C or -20 Deg C (GAD-65 and IA-2 ELISA).

Some Facts about Diabetic diagnostic biomarkers
  1. All the three tests if done in conjunction, then gives good information on T1DM (Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus).

  2. Since these are predictive markers and if all 3 tests are positive then chances of developing T1DM is high in an individual in 5 years.

  3. If a patient has GAD65 and IA-2 antibodies present then there is 50% risk of developing T1DM.

  4. 90% of newly diagnosed cases of T1DM to have 1 or all 3 antibodies.

  5. Presence of 2 or more antibodies type ie. either  GAD-65 , IA-2 or Insulin are more important than higher antibody titre.

  6. Anti-insulin antibodies are more important in paediatric population.

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