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MAGLUMI® Dengue Virus Panel (CLIA)

Dengue virus NS1 Antigen, Anti-Dengue Virus IgG, Anti-Dengue Virus IgM*

High Sensitive CLIA Solution for Dengue Detection

Product Benefits

● High throughput, time-saving and automation
● Quantitative Assays (NS1 Ag & IgG) compared with Rapid Test
● High clinical sensitivity and clinical specificity
● Ready-to-use reagent kits
● Automated dilution available
● Calibrator & Internal Quality Control included in the kit (free of charge)

Clinical Application

Dengue virus NS1 Antigen

It allows rapid detection on the first day of fever, before antibodies appear some 5 or more days later

Anti-Dengue Virus IgG and Anti-Dengue Virus IgM

Identify both acute and past infections for people who have symptoms of illness and have recently traveled to an area where dengue infections are common.

Assay Characteristics

Two level calibrators & two level internal quality controls are included

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