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  • Highly sensitive PR 3 ELISA kit with spacer arm for maximum access to all the epitopes

  • Wells employ highly purified antigens from human granulocytes for maximum sensitivity and specificity.

  • US FDA approved and CE marked kits.

Pr3 canca

Aesku PR3 Sensitive ELISA


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  • Antibodies targeting PR3 may be determined by direct ELISA, in which the target antigen is coated directly onto the plastic surface of the microtiterplate, or by capture ELISA. Capture PR3 ELISA tests are coated with anti- PR3 monoclonal antibodies and show a higher sensitivity for PR3 as a better preservation of the epitopes of the small PR3 molecule is observed. However, monoclonal anti-PR3 capture antibodies may also mask epitopes on the PR3 molecule. Therefore, in the Aeskulisa PR3 sensitive test PR3 is coated via small spacer molecules ensuring best accessibility of all relevant epitopes.​​​

  • Kit uses native human PR3 molecule to coat on the microwells for better specificity

  • Uses One Aesku concept ie. Same incubation time, same common reagents like sample buffer, substrate, stop solution and wash buffer, thus user friendly kit and ideal for automation.

  • Breakable microwells & ready to use reagents.

  • FDA cleared & CE – marked product.

Performance Characteristics:

Diagnostic Performance of the AESKULISA MPO and PR3 sensitive tests

Diagnostic Sensitivity of anti – PR3 and anti – MPO antibodies

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