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Rabies IgG ELISA

Rabies, an acute progressive, fatal encephalomyelitis, transmitted most commonly through the bite of a rabid animal, is responsible for an estimated 61,000 human deaths worldwide. The true disease burden and public health impact due to rabies remain underestimated due to lack of sensitive laboratory diagnostic methods. Rapid diagnosis of rabies can help initiate prompt infection control and public health measures, obviate the need for unnecessary treatment/medical tests, and assist in timely administration of pre- or postexposure prophylactic vaccination to family members and medical staff.

Antemortem diagnosis of human rabies provides an impetus for clinicians to attempt experimental therapeutic approaches in some patients, especially after the reported survival of a few cases of human rabies. Traditional methods for antemortem and postmortem rabies diagnosis have several limitations.

Features and benefites

• Quantitative ELISA kit for detection of Rabies infection in humans caused by bite of rabid animal.
• 6 calibrators provided
• Results in 1 hr. 15 mins time
• Sample- Human serum /plasma
• Linearity- 0.5IU/ml- 10 IU/ml
• Most of the products available in market are RUO and not IVD. Wantai Rabies IgG ELISA kit is IVD kit and not RUO

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