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Bovine TB testing solutions

Offers a unique cocktail of BOVINE TB specific recombinant proteins (ESAT-6, CFP-10, MPB83, MPB70) and crude protein purified derivatives

  • Technology transfer by TRPVB and TANUVAS

  • Available in ELISA and Rapid formats

Bovine TB

Bovine TB Antibody Rapid Detection

Helps in parallel detection of avian tuberculosis to differentiate environmental tuberculosis and bovine tuberculosis. If only T1 is developed, the test indicates for the presence of antibody against Non-pathogenic Mycobacterium (NTB) or Avian tuberculosis and the result is positive for Avian TB. If the T2 turns positive, it is indicative of positive to Bovine TB.

  • Tests can be used with serum, plasma or whole blood thus helping in onsite testing too.

  • Simple, inexpensive and relatively non-invasive test.

  • Read clear and reliable results in 20 minutes.

  • Cold chain management not required for device storage and transportation – Tests can be stored at 2 – 26 degree C ·

  • Ready and easy to use devices

  • Contains an internal control C band for the confirmation that the test has been performed correctly.

  • Available in 20 tests package

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Clinical Significance


Bovine tuberculosis is a major infectious disease among cattles, other farm animals and certain wildlife populations. It results from infection with Mycobacterium bovis and can be transmitted either through respiration or by ingestion. Bovine TB is a chronic disease and it usually takes many months for clinical signs to develop. It is a significant zoonosis that can spread to humans through aerosols and by the consumption of unpasteurized milk or dairy products from infected cows. Avian tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease characterized by the formation of granulomatous lesions in viscera, a progressive weight loss and death. It is usually encountered sporadically in birds reared in small yards, zoos and is a problem among caged exotic birds. The disease is contagious and spread by contact with infected domestic and wild animals. The detection of infected animals is one of the main factors involved in tuberculosis control and, with some variations, is performed through intradermal tuberculin tests. Nevertheless, skin test-negative animals may be infected and represent an important threat to bovine tuberculosis eradication programs.

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