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  • Aesku dsDNA check ELISA offers mixed conjugate for IgG, IgA, IgM detection important for lupus nephritis 

  • Highly sensitive dsDNA Check kit and at par with gold standard (Farr assay)

  • FDA approved dsDNA IgG kit.

  • Calibration of dsDNA IgG test is as per international WHO standard

dsDNA elisa

AESKULISA dsDNA-Check is a solid phase enzyme immunoassay for the combined quantitative and qualitative detection of IgG, IgA and IgM antibodies against dsDNA in human serum. 

  • Aesku dsDNA Check ELISA kit is coated with recombinant human double-stranded DNA. This kind of dsDNA preparation is free of methylation sites and due to its molecular properties free of ssDNA and histones. Non-specific binding is excluded by a special, uncharged pre coating procedure.

  • The kit offers mixed conjugate with all IgG, IgA, IgM antibodies enabling complete detection. It is a qualitative as well as quantitative test.

  • The test is at par in terms of sensitivity and specificity with FARR assay (dsDNA RIA test) which is considered to be gold standard

  • Uses One Aesku Concept ie. Same incubation time, same common reagents like sample buffer, substrate, stop solution and wash buffer, thus user friendly kit and ideal for automation.

  • dsDNA IgM test offered by Aesku allows a prognostic assessment of lupus nephritis.

  • Economically priced.

Also available dsDNA IgG and dsDNA IgM ELISA kit

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