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MOTIC LED Microscope

The MOTIC is a microscope for immuno- fluorescence applications using the latest LED light source technology. This environmentally friendly alternative brings many advantages over the old mercury/xenon lamp based microscopes:

Quick start

LEDs do not need to be warmed-up and since they have no lamp, there is no need to log the lamp operation times. Simply switch on, read and turn off.

Cost efficiency This affordable lamp-free LED microscope has over 30,000 hours of lifetime, compared to the average 250 hour mercury lamp. To achieve the same lifetime in a mercury based microscope, the lamp would need to be replaced 120 times.

Consistency Although mercury lamps have an average lifetime of 250 hours, light intensity decreases towards the end of the lamp life which could result in misleading interpretation of results. LEDs are simply on or off and the light intensity will be the same throughout its lifetime.

Increased performance

A great signal-to-noise ratio is enhanced by the LED light source as it emits a highly efficient spectrum at the desired bandwidth. Photo bleaching is minimized because of the variable light control adjustment of illumination intensity. Longer observation time is available due to the lower heat emission from LED light.

Improve your Field of View with the Optical Correction Adaptor

Field of view through the eyepieces. Field of view through trinocular head without optical correction. Field of view through trinocular head with its adaptor. Other microscopes are only able to show about 50% of the field of view

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