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Tissue transglutaminase (tTg) IgA Neoepitope ELISA

Most sensitive celiac disease detection ELISA kit

  • US FDA approved tTg IgA ELISA kit coated with neoepitopes ( tTg crosslinked with deamidated gliadin peptides).​

  • Can be used to screen both adult and pediatric populations.

  • Proved to be more sensitive than classical markers ( tTg/EMA)

  • Can detect seronegative celiac disease patients

  • Correlates with classical markers (tTg/EMA ) in active phase of the disease but can detect antibodies upto 15 months before tTG and DGP ( predictive marker).

  • Has a better correlation with the mucosal damage ( Marsh score) in comparison to the classical markers.

Ttg New Generation

Aeskulisa® tTg New generation: LOOK Closer to the truth!

ttg new generations

Cereals contain


 Gliadin digestion 

35% Glutamine 15% proline 

Undigested Gliadin



deamidated Gliadin peptide crosslinked with tTg

The physiological processes which are mimicked by the antigens are used for the AESKULISA® tTg New Generation: 
In Aesku’s special production process tTg and gliadin peptides are reacting under special conditions comparable to the “in-vivo” environment, in order to encourage both reactions: crosslinking and deamidation.
The whole reaction ensures the formation of the neo-epitope as it is encountered by the immune system “in-vivo”. These crosslinked and deaminated antigens (tTg / deamidated gliadin peptides) are then further purified and coated under special conditions to the microtiter plate.
Due to its special formulation, the AESKULISA® tTg New Generation is able to detect 3 different types of antibodies:

  • Antibodies to tTG

  • Antibodies to deamidated gliadin peptides

  • Antobodies to neo-epitope formed by crosslinking of tTg and DGP

ttg new generation

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