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LifeDx Viral Transport Medium Kit

10 ml self standing tube with two swabs

Nylon flocculated oropharyngeal & nasopharyngeal swabs with breakpoint

Gamma sterilized components

Screw cap to hold swabs in tube for leak and spill proof

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  • VTM Medium in 16*100mm,10ml self standing tube with two swabs

  • Self standing centrifuge tubes with conical bottom

  • Screw capped tubes to ensure spill and leak proof sample collection

  • Single package containing media tubes and two swabs for naso and oro pharyngeal samples


  • Two swabs- oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal swabs with breakpoint

  • Nylon swabs offer maximum yield with good absorption

  • Higher release rate than the normal Polyester/ Rayon/ Dacron swabs

  • Flexible plastic shaft for maximum patient comfort


  • Unique formulation to collect and transport viruses in active form.

  • Perfect media composition ensures optimum recovery of target organisms

  • Media contains antibiotics and antimycotics to suppress the bacterial and fungal growth

  • Offers stable osmotic pressure to ensure appropriate transport and storage environment for swab samples.

  • Color indicator dye-Phenol red—media Volume 3ml-3.4 ml

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