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PCT testing for COVID-19

Procalcitonin (PCT) is considered as the most specific sepsis biomarker. The levels of PCT does not increase significantely in COVID-19 like CRP so can help along with clinical assessment with diagnosing/ ruling out superimposed bacterial infection for COVID patients, and to guide the initiation and cessation of antibiotics.


Immunoshop offers PCT testing on CLIA analysers like Maglumi and MQ-60. Maglumi is common lab CLIA system which can be used in any setup. MQ60 is a small bedside laboratory diagnostic machine offering lab quality results.

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Test and detect PCT with Maglumi features

  • Broad linearity range- 0.01- 100ng/ml

  • Fast results: Results within 10 minutes

  • No extra cost for calibrators and controls- 2 level of calibrators and 1 control included in the kit

  • Highly stable: Calibration stability of 2 weeks

  • Reagent integral with RFID tag containing all information of the reagent

  • Maglumi offers high throughput of 180 tests/hour for testing high sample workload

  • Increased sample and reagent stability with onboard cooling on the system

FA 100
  • Fluorescent label like lanthanide based rapid card tests

  • Higher sensitivity and stability

  • TRFIA ( Time Resolved Flourescent Immunoassay ) based card reader

  • Inbuilt procedural control

  • Quantitative result analysis

  • 40 tests/package

  • RT storage thus no need to maintain cold chain

PCT Rapid card test

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