( Interleukin-6 )

IL-6 has been found to be an important marker in COVID-19 diagnosis and disease monitoring.

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Immunoshop offers IL-6 on various platforms to suit your lab testing needs

IL-6 is an effective marker that might be able to predict upcoming respiratory failure with high accuracy and help physicians correctly allocate patients at an early stage.

Maglumi IL-6

Maglumi offers IL-6 onboard. Now test IL-6 with Maglumi benefits.

  • Based on 10- point calibrated master curve and recalibration with 2 – point calibrators in the kits.

  • Quantitative results with linearity of 1.5- 5000pg/ml.

  • Control provided with the kit thus need not to be purchased at extra cost.

  • Results in 21 minutes

  • Onboard stability- 28 days

  • Calibration frequency- 1 week

Diasource IL-6 ELISA

ELISA with most user friendly procedure.

  • High sensitivity with Sandwich Enzyme Amplified Sensitivity Immunoassay.

  • 96 Tests package

  • 6 calibrators for quantitative result analysis

  • Quantitative results with a linearity of 23.3- 2560 pg/ml.

  • 2 level controls provided with the kit thus need not to be purchased at extra cost.

  • Assay time of 2.25 hours at Room Temperature.

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