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Best performing COVID kits as recommended by WHO*

Fast Detection

Excellent Performance


Fill the gap by not loosing to detect antibodies in early phase of COVID infection and in percantage of asymptomatic and mild cases.

WANTAI COVID-19 Total Antibody ELISA

  • Fast Results Results within 75 minutes

  • Antigen coating S1 RBD recombined antigens for maximum specificity

  • Total antibody detection IgG+ IgM detection thus providing better screening tool with enhanced sensitivity

  • Sample Type Serum/Plasma

  • Controls 2 level controls viz. Positive and negative controls provided

  • Cost efficient Breakaway microwells for ease of use

  • Quality Approved US FDA approved

  • CE marked

  • ICMR approved

  • Excellent performance

  • PPV: 100%

  • NPV: 95.33%

  • Sensitivity 98%

  • Specificity: 100.00%

  • Overall agreement: 97.38%

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COVID-19 diagnostic facts and figures

COVID-19 serological markers dynamics (Total Ab/ IgM/ IgG)

​20%-40% of the patients developed antibodies on days 0-7 after onset 60%~70% of the patients developed antibodies on days 8-11 after onset > 90% of the patients had detectable levels of antibodies starting from day 12 after onset.

COVID-19 molecular markers dynamics (RNA)

RNA was detected in 60-75% of the patients on days 0-8 after onset

RNA levels decrease to 40-50% starting from day 9 after onset

The sensitivity for IgG antibody detection has been found low in 2 cases.

1. If the testing is done in early phase of infection where IgG antibody levels are low or missing.

2. Some percentage of COVID-19 asymptomatic patients or with mild symptoms have low IgG antibodies levels or missing but IgM antibodies are dominating the serological phase. Thus testing only for IgG might give false negative reactions. Wantai COVID-19 Total antibody ELISA is the most saught solution to the missing cases without any compromised sensitivity and specificity.


combined serological and molecular markers increases the sensitivity of

diagnosis while maintaining the high specificity. Among the serological markers, total Ab detection has greater significance in clinical practice.

Serological and virological markers of COVID-19


Antibody testing is being considered as one of the options in the current pandemic COVID – 19. RTPCR remains the gold standard however, antibody testing can be of importance in contact tracing for surveillance and epidemiological studies.

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