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Dengue NS1 Ag ELISA


Qualitative detection of

Dengue NS1 Ag in human serum/plasma

Dengue NS1 Ag ELISA

Easy to use:

Single dilution, in-well, with ready to use reagents


Breakaway 96 microwells.

Fast results with best TAT:Total incubation time of 1 hour 15

Early detection:

NS1 Antigen detection on day 1 of symptoms

Excellent performance:

Qualitative results with Sensitivity – 99.5% and Specificity 99.5 %.

Circulating Dengue NS1 Ag has been recognised as an important biomarker in acute DF and DHF patients as it is a viral glycoprotein released from infected cells as soluble polymers as early as Day1 post- infection. It is reliable and of diagnostic value in combination with IgG and IgM antibody detection as is detectable in patients with primary and secondary Dengue infections.

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