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Immucheck Malaria Pf/Pv Rapid Test

malaria pf pv

Rapid test for Malaria Pf/Pv antigen in Whole blood

  • Immucheck Malaria pf/pv Antigen Rapid Test uses monoclonal antibodies to the P. falciparum specific histidine rich protein-2 (HRP-2) and Plasmodium vivax specific lactate dehydrogenase (pLDH). Thus, helping in detection and differentiation of malaria by Plasmodium falciparum and vivax. 

  • Read clear and reliable rapid results in 20 minutes.

  • Uses whole blood, thus can be used as point of care test in any setup.

  • Available in 20 and 50 tests package

  • Stored at 4-30 ° C

  • Ready to use devices

  • Offers inbuilt procedural control 

  • Approved by WHO

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