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Dengue NS1 Ag Rapid test

  • Detection of Dengue in the seronegative stage i.e. from Day 1 of fever.

  • NS1 assay is useful for differential diagnostics in regards to flaviviruses as there is no cross reactivity

  • Detection of all the 4 Dengue serotypes (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4).

  • Results with in 15 minutes

  • Detected in acute phase.

  • Lessens the window period of detection since can be detected after 1 day after onset of symptoms even before IgM appears.

  • In addition to early diagnosis, NS1 Ag may be an indicator of disease severity. A very high concentration of NS1Antigen within 72 hrs. of illness identifies patients at risk of developing DHF or DSS.

  • No cross reaction with other flaviviruses.

dengue ns1

NS1 antigen can be detected in both primary and secondary infection.

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Available in 20 and 50 Tests pack size

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