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Immucheck Chikungunya IgG/IgM Rapid test

  • Rapid immunochromatographic test for simultaneous detection & differentiation of IgG & IgM Antibody of Chikungunya.

  • Utilizes recombinant antigens derived from the virus structure protein.

  • Helps to differentiate from other febrile illnesses with similar symptoms like Dengue, malaria etc.

  • Read clear and reliable results in 15 minutes.

  • Can be stored at 4-30° C.

  • Contains an internal procedural control (C band) for the confirmation that the test has been performed correctly.

  • Available in 20 and 50 Tests pack size


Laboratory criteria for the diagnosis of Chikungunya (WHO Recommendations) At least one of the following tests in the acute phase:

  • Virus isolation

  • Presence of viral RNA by RT-PCR

  • Presence of virus specific IgM antibodies in single serum sample collected in acute or convalescent stage.

  • Four-fold rising of IgG titers in samples collected at least three weeks apart.

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