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Immucheck HCV Rapid Test

Hepatitis C is a contagious liver disease that results from infection with the hepatitis C virus.

Immucheck HCV Rapid Test is based on Double Antigen Sandwich Assay.

  • Detects total rather than class specific antibodies.

  • It detects antibodies to greater number of HCV encoded epitopes.

  • Helps in earlier detection of sero conversion following HCV infection thus reducing the window period since it detects low levels of antibodies such as those that occur in early infection.

HCV elisa

Rapid Test for the Detection of Antibodies to Hepatitis C in human serum or plasma

  • Immucheck HCV Rapid Test is Rapid test for improved sensitivity and to shorten window period.

  • The test is based on double antigen sandwich principle thus detects antibodies to greater number of HCV encoded epitopes.

  • Read clear and reliable results in 10 minutes.

  • The recombinant HCV proteins used in the test kit are for both structural and non-structural proteins viz. core, NS3, NS4 and Ns5.

  • Uses Serum or Plasma samples

  • Can be stored at 4-30 °C.

  • Ready to use devices with simple procedure.

  • Requires minimal personnel training and no lab equipment.

  • ​Contains an internal control (C band) for the confirmation that the test has been performed correctly.

  • Available in 20 and 50 Tests packs

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